Foremost Plastics Product Range

The range of materials available is extensive and each product has specific applications. The following list outlines the properties of the various products and for the specific uses of each product please refer to Commercial/Industrial Applications and Cut To Size pages

Sheet, rod and tube.

Acrylic is a plastic that resembles glass, but has properties that make it superior to glass in many ways, and is available clear, translucent or in a range of tints and solid colours.
Another great advantage of acrylic is that it is only half the weight of glass. This makes working with Acrylic much easier. It can be sawn, whereas glass must be scored, acrylic can also be drilled, shaped and polished. 

Sheet, rod and tube.

Polycarbonate is a plastic used extensively for its superior impact strength being virtually unbreakable, and having fire retardant properties. These properties make it suitable for applications where security and safety are the major issues. It is available clear and tinted.

ABS has high mechanical strength, heat and flame resistance and is widely used as an environmental protection material. It is available in white, black and with a smooth or textured surface.

Polystyrene is a hard plastic with limited flexibility, low temperature resistance and is used extensively in the food industry.

Sheet, rod and pipe.

Available as a rigid or foam product, PVC is self extinguishing, has excellent electrical insulating properties, very high chemical resistance and is hot air weldable and bondable.

Sheet and rod.

Polypropylene has very high chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance and is suitable for use in the food industry and is hot air weldable.

Sheet and rod.

Polyethylene has a very low coefficient of friction, high chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance and is available in a range of grades. From low density through high density and up to Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.

Sheet, rod and tube.

Nylon has excellent bearing properties, high impact strength and toughness, high wear resistance, very high sliding properties.

Sheet and rod.

Acetal is a superior bearing material with high hardness and stiffness, very high mechanical properties, excellent creep resistance and dimensional stability, with a low co-efficient of friction and is suitable for machining.

Sheet and rod.

Teflon is chemically inert, low friction with ultimate non-stick properties. Excellent UV resistance, insulation and electrical properties and high and low temperature resistance.