Commercial applications

Foremost Plastics Commerial Applications

Can be used in point of sale and display items, brochure holders, display covers, signage, lighting, glazing, pool surrounds, balustrading, and high end furniture. Extensively used in shops, institutions, prisons, hospitals and commercial buildings.

Used in areas requiring security and safety, machine guards, barrel vaults, marine windows, safety glazing, site glasses, chair mats, elevator light diffusers, observation and transport covers.
Typical uses for ABS are the automotive industry, refrigerator panels, musical instrument and equipment cases, luggage, food trays, storage bins.
Solid polystyrene is used, for example, in disposable cutlery, signage, model making, displays, CD and DVD cases, dairy containers, medical packaging, food trays, patterns and forms and various point of sale applications.
Used extensively in the fabrication of chemical storage tanks, bunds, tank liners, ducting and fume cupboards, battery trays, chemical resistant bench tops, photographic developing tanks, developing trays,  electrical insulators, water treatment.
Suitable for electroplating tanks, water tanks, hoods, bench-tops, food storage vessels, corrosive material storage, cooling towers, medical applications,
Used for mining chute liners, chemical tanks, bunds, cutting boards, guillotine bases, chain guides, conveyor guides, trailer and boat slides, stacking boxes, suction plates, gear wheels, wear strips.
Nylon is used in situations requiring high load bearing, wear pads, support and guide wheels, conveyor and tension rollers, buffer pads, gears and gear teeth, pump bushes and impellars, insulators,
Applications such as heavy loaded bearings and rollers, gear wheels, bearings and gears with small tolerances, valve seats, cam followers, thrust washers.
Suitable for seals, seats, packings, chevrons, piston rings, glide rings, lantern rings, back up rings, slide bearings, electrical and thermal insulators.